Value Stream Mapping

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The 22nd November 2021 Meetup was discussion and worked example of value stream mapping...

  1. What is value stream mapping
    1. Eliminate unnecessary waste in process
    2. Understand End to End - and optimise
    4. Prioritise where to start
    5. Understand what improvements will have an impact
    6. Be Transparent / Empirical
    7. Have a shared understanding and agreement
    8. Work as a whole team
    9. Help engage senior stakeholder (so they can resolve systematic impediments)
    10. Help frame the team's mindset - so they understand when real value is delivered
    11. Visualise bottlenecks
    12. Came from Lean manufacturing (including the Toyota Production System)
    13. Part of a Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle
    14. Used alongside the list of Lean Wastes
  2. What is the value of Value Stream Mapping
    1. Real shared understanding - everyone on the same page
    2. Full picture of what it takes to get value
    3. Understanding which work does not add value
    4. Pair the value with understanding of user needs and service maps (full picture)
    5. Increased flow efficiency
    6. Challenge the status quo - be a change agent
    7. Helps you ask "WHY?"
    8. Gives shared ownership
    9. Helps understand best level for WIP
    10. Identify patterns across an organisation (with multiple teams doing VSMs)
    11. See what actually happens (not what you think happens)
    12. Helps you stay empirical, unbiassed and learning
    13. Helps with transparency
    14. Gives everyone a wider perspective
    15. Helps people feel cared for / engaged
  3. What is the process of Value Stream Mapping
    1. Start Point and End Point
    2. Steps - Start from the end
    3. Detail - Inventory, work times, wait times, number of people required, overheads, control, management
    4. Inspect with the 7 Digital Wastes (from Atlassian) - including impact (days delay?)
    5. Think about "ideal" VSM
    6. Identify real opportunities to improve (actions)
    7. Prioritise those against impact / ease
  4. Book Recommendation
    1. Value Stream Mapping - Karen Martin and Mike Osterling
    2. Rolling Rocks Downhill - Clarke Ching