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If you don't already have one, please create yourself an account on this wiki.

Brain Dump, 14 January 2022 by Beth and Emma


Once a month

Why do a podcast?

Foster a Community of practice mindset

Supporting growth of skills

Raising awareness of DMing and what it's about

Sharing our knowledge and experience of DMing

Having a nice chat

Role model working in the open

What would our listeners get from it?

Exposure to different approaches/points of view

Ideas to tackle a particular activity/topic e.g. kicking off

Consumable when it suits them


Regular hosts

No-one too senior because they don't do much delivering - gotta be in the nuts and bolts of it

Be theme based and have guests in to discuss the themes from different PoVs

Crowdsource the topics using some kind of thing (Trello?) to collect and vote on topics?


How would we record and edit it?

  • James - I know someone in Defra who knows how to do it remotely
  • James - I've used Audacity before to edit podcasts

Where would we host it (e.g. SoundCloud/Spotify)?

  • James - BuzzSprout hosts your audio and distributes it to SoundCloud, Spotify, etc.

How would we share it (e.g. Twitter/Slack)?

  • James - Yes, plus the mailing lists we have for Gov DMs in the Ether, Deliver Con and the Cross-government meetup

Would anyone listen?!?!!?