DeliverCon 2024

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Contact the organisers via:

1100 = Session 1

Main = How do you address performance issues in your team without input from a line manager?

A = How to deal with difficult stakeholders? (unwilling to co-operate / change)

B = How secure are our jobs as delivery managers?

C = How to speed up delivery in dependency heavy environments?

1200 = Session 2

Main = How de we convince SLT to implement agile?

A = How to get team to work with differing neurodiversity needs, ie when in meetings / ceremonies?

B = What does delivery management mean to you?

C = How de we define and measure productivity in delivery?

1300 = Lightning talks

Louis Allgood (MoJ) = Building Confidence in AI

Emily Miceli (IPO) = Ownership Perfected in Weakness: Servant Leadership and Neurodiversity

Jack Carter Pearce (MadeTech) = Marathon Training and Agile

Emma Morales (CDPS) = My journey into Delivery so far - please can we be friends?

Eric Cheung (MadeTech) = My dyslexia journey - 5 tips for delivering as a delivery manager

Rob Jones and Barry Traish (DWP) = The X-Gov Delivery Manager Tripod Scheme

1345 = Session 3

Main = What advice would you give your younger self at the start of their deliver manager career?

A = How can we run more services digitally without exponentially increasing the number of DDAT roles / people?

B = How can AI make me a better delivery manager?

C = How de we raise awareness of delivery management as a profession in the public sector?

1445 = Session 4

Main = How to build psychological safety in remote / hybrid teams?

A = What is the future for delivery managers? (role diversity / skills?)

B = How do we deliver successfully if the stakeholders don't know what they want?

C = How much impact would AI have in the future of diversity and inclusion work?

1545 = Session 5

Main = What new delivery models can we try?

A = How can we deliver in a truly agile manner when governance processes aren't aligned?

B = How do I keep my remote team motivated?

C = How do we implement an agile delivery framework in infrastructure?

1630 = Wrap up

In the main room.

1715 = Drinks

The Owain Glyndwr, 10 St John St, Cardiff CF10 1GL.