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Delivery management community

DeliverCon 2024

Please head over to the DeliverCon 2024 page for all the details.

What this community's for

We exist to:

  • share information about how to deliver digital projects in the public sector,
  • create the opportunity to share experiences, observed behaviours and best practice,
  • give us space to discuss and challenge how we deliver government projects and products.

Read more in the GOV.UK Service Manual.

Who this community's for

If you're a public sector delivery manager then you've come to the right place :-)

You might be interested in the community if you use (or want to use) agile or waterfall methods to deliver government projects or products.

You don’t have to be in a software development team to join. We have community members from policy, capability and operations.

Get involved

Join the cross-government #deliverymgmt Slack channel

If your organisation's domain name isn't listed then email or direct message @DeliverConUK

Join our meet-ups

Below are all the different Agile delivery community meet-ups you can join. Each is run by volunteers from across government.

Please add your meet-up by editing this page.

Delivery Conference (DeliverCon):

Delivery community meet-up:

Sheffield cross-gov community:

Members are often also active in other communities, like Agile NE, Agile in the Ether, Development That Pays, Mike Cohn's Mountain Goat Software, Agile Yorkshire, LeanAgile Manchester, Agile in Leeds and Scotviz.


Members are encouraged to share resources, and this wiki is designed for that. One example resource is DWP's megalist of L&D resources (google docs) for delivery managers.